Clearbrook Farms: “Taste them Once, Be Spoiled for Life”

November 4, 2004

Clearbrook Farms has been in the business of making the finest fruit-based products for 80 years. At Clearbrook Farms we believe in only using Grade A fruit to make our preserves, butters, fillings and sauces. We also insist that our fruit is grown by small, family-owned farms in the premium growing regions of the United States. Oregon
Black Raspberries, the most expensive berries in the U.S., Michigan Red Tart Montmorency Cherries and handpicked California Apricots are examples of the regional fruits found in Clearbrook Farms preserves. Clearbrook Farms follows a family tradition of using the highestquality ingredients combined with time-honored production

The legend began with founder Jacob Liscow in 1924, with the first batch of raspberry filling made for Dolly Madison Bakeries. From there, the family expanded into making various fruit fillings for pastries, doughnuts, cookies and turnovers. The next generation made
special batches of the family’s favorite preserves once a year during the holidays as gifts for family, friends, and business associates. So prized were these gifts of old-fashioned preserves that they were persuaded to launch a full line of retail products.

Today, the production is still carefully tended by family members. Each batch of Clearbrook Farms’ preserves and fruit butters claim fruit as the number one ingredient and contain no artificial colors, flavors, corn sweeteners, or preservatives. “We use our family’s technique
of cooking our preserves under vacuum at low temperatures to maintain the fruits’ identity, naturally intense flavors and brilliant colors,” explained Dan Cohen, vice president of Clearbrook Farms and grandson of Jacob Liscow.

For the past 10 years, OU Kosher certification has enhanced the quality perception of Clearbrook’s products. “The OU symbol is a perfect fit for our products because it is the universal sign for purity and is recognized throughout the world,” Mr. Cohen continued.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re Jewish, Muslim or in Japan, the is a sign of purity in our industry,” he said.

Available to consumers in mail-order catalogs and through the finest retail and specialty shops across the country, the Clearbrook line features 15 preserves, seven fruit butters, and five flavors of Fruit Tart, Bakehouse Tart Shells, and four fruit Drizzles. A special French canning jar is used for many of the products, creating attractive
packaging that is also an environmentally friendly container to reuse. Clearbrook Farms has been covered in numerous national magazines and newspapers and has received numerous industry awards.

Private labeling and selling ingredients to foodservice clients remains a tradition and a large part of the business. “If you want to do business with large companies like Proctor & Gamble and Krispy Kreme, you have to be certified. It’s critical to them,” said Mr. Cohen.

Clearbrook Farms also sells its preserves in food service sizes to bakeries, hotels, and restaurants. “The OU symbol goes hand in hand with the high quality perception of specialty foods,” noted Mr. Cohen. Four generations of family expertise and an ongoing commitment to crafting the finest quality products–combined with OU kosher certification–guarantees consumers the purest product on the market. The company’s family adage still holds true: “Taste them once, be spoiled for life.”