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Kosher Thailand?

Are All Fromages Created Equal? Waiting Between Cheese and Meat

“You mean that I have to wait SIX HOURS after I eat cheese before I can eat meat??” Well, often yes. The Remo (Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 89:2) states that the minhag is to wait after eating hard cheese before partaking of meat, just as one waits after meat before dairy; this minhag has become accepted practice for Ashkenazim. (See Chochmas Adam 40:13.)

Cheeses – When Waiting is Required

Here are some common cheeses and the lengths of time for which they are aged:

Keeping Product Labels ‘Kosher’

The Story Behind Kosher Soap

Chametz Sheavar Alav HaPesach: The Supermarket Controversy

Top FAQs of Passover 2017: A Compilation of Consumer hotline, live chat and e-mailed questions

Q: Do raw nuts require certification for Passover? A:  Raw nuts in their shell do not require Passover certification. Shelled nuts that list BHA or BHT (preservatives) in the ingredients require special Passover certification. Please note that regarding peanuts different communities have different customs. Some consider them to be kitniyot; while others eat peanuts on Passover. […]

OU Kosher Pre-Passover Q & A 2017 Webinar – Watch Now

Didn’t get your questions answered at the Pre-Passover Webinar? Rabbi Gersten answers them here – audio

The  Pre-Passover Webinar which was broadcasted live from OU Headquarters on Wednesday, March 22  was a great success and watched by over 3400 live viewers. Due to the large amount of requests submitted, we were not able to address all questions. Rabbi Gersten, RC Recorder of OU Psak and Policy, addresses some of those additional Passover questions […]