Behind the Scenes (Theoretical Kashruth)

Carnauba: The Wax Which Does Not Wane

The manufacture of Carnauba Wax and its role in different industries.

Just Another Eggsample

Possible Kosher Concerns with Raw Eggs

What Could Be Wrong With…Gum Arabic

Potential Kosher issues with Gum Arabic

Food Ingredients Label: A Primer on Regulations

Should salmon raised on feed that artificially keeps its flesh pink be labeled as containing “color additives”? That question is the subject of a class action lawsuit in Seattle against major supermarkets there. It is one of a number of lawsuits brewing across the country that center on food labeling, and it brings into focus […]


An exploration of the vanilla industry and its implications for Kosher.

Shechita In America, Past And Present: A Brief Overview

A history of Shechita in American and its Halachic Implications

What Could Be Wrong With…L-Cysteine?

When is the last time you have seen a harvest? Some of us can think back to last fall’s grape crunch; others can still picture a combine’s quick clearing of a wheat field for Shmurah flour. Most of us, however, could not rapidly identify the last harvest we witnessed. It would surprise many of us […]

Food for Thought: Fat For Thought

What are the implications of fat substitutes in food?

Clarification Of OU Yoshon Certification

OU-certified products which are marked as “yoshon”, “kemach yoshon” or “made with yoshon flour” contain only yoshon grain and derivatives and are manufactured on equipment a) used exclusively for yoshon production, or b) which was down for over 24 hours since non-yoshon production ceased.


A review of the laws of the proper slaughter of Kosher animals and how they are applied in an industrial setting.