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Shabbos Shaylos: The Shabbos Light

Can one use a “Shabbos light” on Shabbos?

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Shabbos Shaylos: Washing Dishes, Dishwashers, Slicers, and Mixers

What are the rules for asking non-Jews to do work on Shabbos at hotels and catering establishments?

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Shabbos Shaylos: Food Preparation

Some of the rules about food preparation on Shabbos for food establishments and caterers.

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Shabbos Shaylos: Shabbos Miscellany–Amirah l’akum

What are the laws of Amirah l’akum in a hotel?

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Shabbos Shaylos: Mopping

Can a caterer ask a non-Jew to mop the floor on Shabbos?

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Food Service Hashgacha

There is a common misconception that being a mashgiach in a food service establishment is a simple job, and that the mashgiach in such establishments has minimal responsibilities. In reality, the food service industry, which includes restaurants, caterers, hotels, hospitals, yeshivos and nursing homes, has always been a challenging area for kashrus organizations and the onsite mashgichim that perform the actual supervision. Demands on a food service mashgiach are multiple, unpredictability is the norm, and evaluations have to be executed immediately. To help appreciate the above, I am sharing with the reader some of the intricacies that must be dealt with in a food service establishment.

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Bedikas Tola’im (Checking for Insects)

A survey of the concern for insect and bug (tola’im) infestation in fresh and frozen vegetables.

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Macabee Kosher Foods

Since 1968, Macabee Foods has produced premium quality kosher frozen pizza products for the entire family.

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Our Companies Speak: Walden Farms

Walden Farms began making salad dressing in 1972 using healthful ingredients with universal appeal to create consumer brand loyalty for our products. When searching for kosher certification, our goal was again to create universal appeal by choosing the certifier most trusted and respected by those who look for kosher foods. As expected, Walden Farms consumer base, store count and market share have all benefited from our relationship with the Orthodox Union.

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Salad Days for the OU

A survey of the challenges and opportunities for the Kosher supervision of salad dressings.

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