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Summary of Halachic Issues Regarding Insects

The the salient points covered in the OU documents regarding insects.

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Master List of Temperatures

A master list of temperatures with halachic or kosher relevance.

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Master List of Bishul Akum Status of Foods

A summary of the reasons why food may be exempt from the rules of Bishul Akum.

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Low-Fat and Artificial Cheese Manufacture

The Halakhic implications and status of low fat and artificial cheeses.

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The challenges and concerns of Kosher certification of butter

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Mezonos Rolls

The official OU policy on Mezonos Rolls

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Relying on a Non-Jew to Determine if Non-Kosher Food is Charif

Can one rely upon a non-Jew to determine if a non-Kosher food product is cherif (sharp)?

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Kosher Travelers Advisory

Domestic flights in the US no longer serve meals.

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Shabbos Shaylos: Placing Salt into Hot Cholent or Soup on Shabbos

May one place salt into hot food on Shabbos?

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Shabbos Shaylos: Arranging Fruit on a Skewer on Shabbos

Can one arrange fruit on a skewer on Shabbos?

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