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As the leader in worldwide kosher certification, the Orthodox Union takes additional steps to serve as a leader in educating the public in matters of kosher law. Over the past several years, OU Kosher, in partnership with the Harry H. Beren Foundation of New Jersey, has developed numerous kashrus educational programs for the benefit of…

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An Eruv Tavshilin Primer

by Rabbi Moshe Zywica, Executive Rabbinic Coordinator This year’s holiday season is fast approaching and we will be given the opportunity to perform the rabbinic edict of Eruv Tavshilin three separate times; before the start of Rosh Hashanah (September 20th), before the first days of Sukkot (October 4th) and before the start of Shmini Atzeret (October 11th). What is the reason for Eruv Tavshilin? When…

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OU Kosher Q & A For Rosh Hashana

OU Kosher presents popular Q&As in preparation for Rosh Hashana. Additional questions can be asked by contacting the OU Kosher Hotline (212-613-8241) or by submitting them to  Alternatively, CHAT LIVE with an OU Kosher expert on via the chat icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This Yom Tov season (5778) we have the oppertunity…

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Kellogg’s Expands their OU Kosher Certification

For almost 4 decades the Orthodox Union has been proud to kosher certify a wide range of delicious and nutritious Kellogg Company brand products. These include such famous brands as Keebler, Austin, Murray, Mother’s, Famous Amos, Kashi, Kellogg’s, Eggo, Special K, Pringles, Pure Organic, and a host of others. Now the Orthodox Union is delighted…

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Spread the Word! Not All Butters are Created Equal – or Kosher

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Encyclopedia of Jewish Food: Matzah, Rugelach And A Whole Lot More

Communities can be defined by their food. American food — reflecting a penchant for accessibility, convenience, versatility, and portability -— reveals much about who we are and how we got here. Waves of various immigrants brought new dishes and ways of thinking about food to the repertoire. Beginning in the 1880s, two obscure German dishes,…

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Kosher Travel 101: Kosher Summer & Travel Videos

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Dont Look at the KARMA Cap – Look at What’s in it!

KARMA Wellness Water is a relatively new kosher line of products certified by the OU. These nutritional beverages come in several flavors. The driving force behind Karma is the fact that water-soluble vitamins lose their potency while sitting in water or when they are exposed to moisture. Additionally, those vitamins suffer degradation when they are…

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MDS Trip to the OU

Attending a Yeshiva in Manhattan certainly has its pluses. This Wednesday, our 8B class took a fascinating trip to the center of the Kashrut world, the OU. There we learned all that it takes to make sure that what we are eating is kosher. It is really astonishing how many ingredients and sub-ingredients there are…

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New to the OU: Maruyama Tea Corporation: Tasty Cups of Tradition and Health

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It’s HOT Outside! Check Out the OU SLURPEE & COCA COLA FREESTYLE Lists – Updated for Summer 2017

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