Chiquita Tropicals

CHIQUITA TROPICALS are a 100% fruit juice, produced with many of its fruits direct from the tropics, including bananas, pineapples and passion fruit. We promote a better-for-you lifestyle for everyone and we are priced in reach of consumers. Key product features include:

- Kosher OU Orthodox Union
- Zero Added Sugar
- Non-Genetically Modified (non-gmo)
- No Preservatives
- Naturally Gluten Free
- Vegan
- Naturally Low Sodium

Because of our cold fill bottling process first developed in Europe, CHIQUITA TROPICALS do not require refrigeration before opening. This cold fill bottling process not only keeps the juice as fresh as the day it was bottled, it uses less energy for the process of filling bottles and our containers contain less packaging. We believe in safe and sustainable corporate practices.We are proud to use Rainforest Alliance certified fruits,which help and support the farmers and their families in many ways while making sure the farms are environmentally and economically sustainable.
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