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Clarification of OU Yoshon Certification

OU-certified products which are marked as “yoshon”, “kemach yoshon” or “made with yoshon flour” contain only yoshon grain and derivatives and are manufactured on equipment a) used exclusively for yoshon…

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What Could Be Wrong?

When I was a child, shopping for a kosher candy bar was a simple matter. In those days, a candy bar was only a nickel.

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The Mezonos Roll… Is It a Piece of Cake?

A review of the laws of and the proper Bracha for “Mezonos Rolls”.

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How the Sabbatical Year Affects Jews the World Over (Shmittah 5754)

According to tradition, it took Joshua seven years to conquer the Land of Israel, and another seven years to divide it among the various tribes and individuals. The Talmud tells…

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A review of the laws of the proper slaughter of Kosher animals and how they are applied in an industrial setting.

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Separating Terumah and Maaser

Halachah requires the separation of terumah and ma’ aser from Israeli produce. When the Temple was extant, these separated portions were distributed in a specified manner to the Kohanim (Priests),…

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Playing with Fire

Thousands of years ago, the Rabbis of old recognized that Jewish identity is the key to the survival of Klal Yisrael. To this end, they enacted three sets of food…

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Do Natural + Wholesome = Kosher?: A biochemist takes a second look at “natural” foods

Consumer demand for all-natural foods began to, skyrocket about ten years ago. The outcome today is very apparent: an increasing availability of natural foods in supermarkets and a proliferation of…

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Is Your Oven Kosher?  What Every Kosher Cook Must Know

From the Talmudic kirah to our modern microwave, oven cooking requires specific kosher knowledge. Rabbi Yaakov Luban, Senior Rabbinic Coordinator of the OU Kosher Division, explains the halachos involved and provides a practical guideline.

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The Illegal OU

As the largest kosher certifying agency in the world, the OU is deeply concerned about protecting the integrity of our kosher symbol.

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