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What’s The Truth About Giraffe Meat!

Misconception: Although the giraffe is a kosher animal, it is not slaughtered because it is not known where on the neck to perform the shechitah (ritual slaughter). Fact: The makom…

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Fraudulent Claims! How to be your own detective

Here is an interesting question worth pondering. A supermarket displays a large sign which reads: “Super Sale! Kosher Chickens — Tzippor Tohor Brand — 79 cents/lb.”

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We are experiencing a “new age” of technological advancement in the food industry. This unique technology has ramifications throughout food production from the very inception and creation of the product…

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The Saga of the Dixie Belle Artificial Cheese Flavored’ Moon Cookie

You have just arrived at the San Juan airport in Puerto Rico after a long day of business negotiations. Famished, you are looking forward to the kosher meal that will…

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Sweet-Talk: Inside the Kosher Bakery

Certificating an industrial bakery is a complicated matter. Here are some of the issues involved in making supervising bakeries.

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Salmon Colored With Astaxanthin

Although kosher fish are usually identified only by the presence of scales , the Orthodox Union has a long standing policy of accepting as kosher all reddish-pinkish fillets, even without…

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