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A&B Gefilte Fish -No Labor, No Preservatives

A&B Famous Gefilte Fish owes its success to the vision and foresight of Abraham and Benjamin, but in very great part to the OU as well. OU certification opens doors in homes to them worldwide — and when your product is gefilte fish, if those doors don’t open, you are out of business.

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The Vinegar Industry (Halachic Highlights)

A series of questions and answers about the OU policy on kosher issues in the vinegar industry.

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Close, but not quite the same?

In everyday language it is not uncommon to encounter similar sounding words used for very different items. Food ingredients are by no means impervious to this phenomenon, and there are…

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Shechita in America: Past and Present, A Brief Overview

A history of Shechita in American and its Halachic Implications

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Red Flag Ingredients

A partial listing of common “Red Flag Ingredients” which one may come across in the flavor industry as well as other industries.

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What Could Be Wrong With…….L-Cysteine?

When is the last time you have seen a harvest? Some of us can think back to last fall’s grape crunch; others can still picture a combine’s quick clearing of…

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Kedem Mevushal / Not Mevushal Update

The Daf HaKashrus discussed at length the designations of Mevushal and Not Mevushal Kedem wines in its Volume c – No. 3 issue. The following is the current status of…

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Food for Thought: Fat for Thought

What are the implications of fat substitutes in food?

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Clarification of OU Yoshon Certification

OU-certified products which are marked as “yoshon”, “kemach yoshon” or “made with yoshon flour” contain only yoshon grain and derivatives and are manufactured on equipment a) used exclusively for yoshon…

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What Could Be Wrong?

When I was a child, shopping for a kosher candy bar was a simple matter. In those days, a candy bar was only a nickel.

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