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What Could Be Wrong With…Gum Arabic

Potential Kosher issues with Gum Arabic

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Food Ingredients Labels: A Primer on Regulations

Should salmon raised on feed that artificially keeps its flesh pink be labeled as containing “color additives”? That question is the subject of a class action lawsuit in Seattle against…

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A history of the fat substitute Olestra and its Kosher status.

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A discussion of how changes in food production caused some ingredients to no longer be inherently kosher.

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An exploration of the vanilla industry and its implications for Kosher.

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Daf ha-Kashruth

The Daf Hakashrus is a monthly OU newsletter read by Mashgichim, Rabbanim, Poskim, Dayanim, and kosher consumers in 30 countries and over 200 cities around the world. The Daf Hakashrus…

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The Mesorah Torah Journal

Mesorah is a Hebrew Torah journal published by the Kosher Division of the Orthodox Union and edited by Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO and Rabbinic Administrator of the Kosher Division, and Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Halakhic Advisor for the Kosher Division. Mr. Julius Berman, former president of the Orthodox Union and former chairman of the Kosher Commission, serves as chairman of the Mesorah Commission.

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Message from Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb and Rabbi Menachem Genack

Schechita: Setting the Facts Straight

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Statement of Rabbis and Certifying Agencies on Recent Publicity on Kosher Slaughter

As rabbis and certifying agencies involved in the supervision of kosher meat slaughter in the United States, we are deeply concerned that the recent publicity surrounding the videotape released by…

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All OU Symbols Explained

A complete list of all of the OU Symbols and their meaning.

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