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Baumer Foods, New Orleans, LA

A discussion of the manufacture of Grape Jelly and how one company has been able to use recent changes to expand their manufacture of Kosher Grape Jelly.

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Jewish Ritual Slaughter: A Three-Thousand Year Old Method That Respects Animal Suffering

Rav Riccado Di Segni is Chief Rabbi of Rome and an eminent physician. Theoretically, there is no problem whatsoever: Jewish ritual slaughter is explicitly allowed by the state agreement with…

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Carnauba: The Wax Which Does not Wane

The manufacture of Carnauba Wax and its role in different industries.

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Shabbos Shaylos: Asking a Non-Jew to Relight a Hotel Kitchen’s Fire

Can one ask a non-Jew to relight a hotel kitchen’s fire which has been extinguished?

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The Seventh Annual ASK OU Program

The seventh annual ASK OU internship program–the most intensive kosher education program to train rabbinic field representatives in the art and science of kashrut–was held this past summer at OU headquarters and in the field.

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An OU Program Brings a Busy Kosher Kitchen to Cornell

OU brings the most trusted Kosher Supervision to Cornell University.

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Just Another Eggsample

Possible Kosher Concerns with Raw Eggs

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Fatty Thoughts

An introduction to fatty acids and their role in food manufacture.

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Clarification of the Second Cut at Agriprocessors

An explanation of the second cut done at the Agriprocessors abbatoir.

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Setting the Record Straight on Kosher Slaughter

An Op-ed Setting the Record Straight on the Kosher Slaughter at Agriprocessors in Iowa

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